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Novateur Publication

Novateur Publications is a publication house in India established in 2014. The name Novateur is the French translation of word innovation. Novateur publishes online journals, books and conference proceedings.

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  • Shokeen .. • Dr Priyanka Neeraj Ruwali • Naveen Ram
    public JournalNX • Desember 2021
    The paper highlights the causes of the downfall of Air India that how the world’s best airline got badly spoiled. The milestones and major issues faced by Air India in Indian aviation ...
  • Moh. Al-Fayedh
    public Novateur Publication • November 2021
    Geopark is an area or area that consists of several geological heritage sites that have uniqueness, scarcity, or protected geological beauty. The existence of geopark has its ...
  • Mohammad Ichsan Alfaritzy
    public Novateur Publication • November 2021
    Geoproducts can be defined as profitable services or goods created from the geodiversity of the region. With the goal of sustainable economic development for local communities, Geo-products have...
  • Moh Syach L. Lasahido • Moehammad Jasim Agi Saputra
    public Novateur Publication • November 2021
    Cultural tourism is a tourism activity with objects in the form of local cultural arts such as customs, arts, local people's way of life, historical heritage, religion, folk ...
  • Jayanti Rauf
    public Novateur Publication • November 2021
    In this modern era, tourism has become the most featured sector for the economic development of various countries in the world. This is due to the tourism sector’s ability to p...
  • Siti Aqdawiya Pakaya
    public Novateur Publication • November 2021
    In February 2004, the Global UNESCO Network of Geoparks established in the UNESCO International Expert Group meeting in Paris. UNESCO Global Geopark is not ...
  • Yustina Damogalad • Intan Noviantari Manyoe
    public Novateur Publication • November 2021
    Disasters are events caused by natural, non-natural, and human factors that can threaten or disrupt people's lives and livelihoods, and result in loss of life, environmental damage, loss ...
  • Fhazrin Nurjana • Bilal Aditya Yuriadi
    public Novateur Publication • November 2021
    ndonesia is a world tourism paradise where many sectors have the potential to be used as eco-tourism or sustainable tourism. With 7 Geoparks that can be developed in eco-tourism, 3 wor...
  • Andi Fahmi A. Hakim • Rohmatsetiawan Dwingik
    public Novateur Publication • November 2021
    Myths and legends are very closely related to local wisdom in an area because they are important from a historical or heritage perspective, but things like this are often broken because...
  • Muhamad Danial Suma • Intan Noviantari Manyoe
    public Novateur Publication • November 2021
    Pilot village or is a term for villages that are empowered to become standards and examples for other villages. The term pilot village has been widely used by several group...
  • Fikri Boften
    public Novateur Publication • November 2021
    In the 20th century, the third industrial revolution began with the invention of the computer in 1969. Since then, human technology has developed very rapidly. At this time, humans began...
  • Juhriana Yusuf
    public Novateur Publication • November 2021
    Geotourismis a tourism activity that prioritizes the appearance of geology on the surface of the earth that aims to improve people's understanding of the environment, culture,and nature. A...
  • Shokeen -. • Kausar -.
    public JournalNX • 2021
    Due to the crisis of the Covid-19 epidemic, E-learning has become an essential component of all educational institutions such as schools, colleges. The lockdown to prevent...